About Nicolay

I am a Mama of four kids and a dog, a wife, and a health coach specializing in supporting women in taking ownership of their health. My approach focuses on holistic modalities including Usui reiki, holistic nutrition, yoga and herbalism.


My coaching method builds a healthy foundation for a life long understanding of maintaining overall health. Staying healthy becomes second nature and a part of daily life.

When I became a Mama, I was reborn into a new woman. One who embraces my purpose and soul work of sharing my gifts, training and experiences with other women. I wanted to offer the support I wish I had received as I moved through the different seasons of life.

Before being reborn, I experienced falling into the cycle of relying on outside opinions and cultural expectations to define my self-worth and my definition of being healthy.

These experiences started when I was young. When I was seven years old I enjoyed indulging in foods at family get togethers. Foods at the get togethers tasted good, they made me feel good and I enjoyed. What could be so wrong. At one of those get togethers a family member called me out for eating too much and told me to stop eating because I was getting fat. This event forever changed my perspective of myself, my body and my relationship with food.  

 As I got older I yearned for recognition of my physical beauty from those around me to affirm my self worth. This would lead me to many ventures into different types of trending diets, workouts and practices - all to achieve the beautiful body defined by others. I had turned into a health junkie; pouring time, resources and energy into practices to turn my body to a certain size. This conditioning continued throughout the early years of my life.

The year I became a Mama my body changed and did not bounce back as I had hoped. I began to immerse myself with all the practices that I believed would bring me back to the specific body size society believed to be healthy. During that journey, I was diagnosed with cancer. When I received the diagnosis I had also just found out I was pregnant with my second child. This shocked my world and changed my perspective on my health.

This change made me realize that my current route of achieving health was not working. I wanted to feel different on all levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually. So, I took a step back and began doing inner and outer work through various holistic modalities to reclaim my health. I built a foundation of nourishing practices that fed me physically, emotionally and spiritually. This shifted my entire health drastically. My body, mind and spirit felt strong and vital. Most importantly, I was starting to experience relief from my ongoing conditions and symptoms


My purpose is to guide women to feel GOOD and CONFIDENT in their bodies by building a healthy foundation that fosters a lifelong understanding of maintaining overall health. .

Join me in transforming your health with powerful holistic practices and feel the difference within your whole self.

 I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I am here for you. 




Holistic Coach & Nutritionist Consultant - Bauman College - BaumanCollege.org

Certified Yoga Instructor - RYT 500 (specializing in Kundalini Yoga, Pre/Postnatal Yoga + Mama + Me Yoga - Uplifted Yoga - Guru Singh, Brett Larkin

Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certified - Attuned by Laura Ellis - LauraEllis333.com

Herbal Mentorship with guidance from Dr. Jacqui Wilkins, ND - Xálish Earth Medicine

Intuitive Mentorship with guidance from Mary Grisey - TheWovenChannel.com

Human Design Embodiment with guidance from Jas the Moondust Mother - MoondustOurMother.com

MBA - Pepperdine College - Pepperdine.edu



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